Pastor Paul Graham is a native of Brooklyn, New York where he was raised by God-fearing parents. He attended Oakwood College where he graduated with a B.A. in Theology and subsequently attended Andrews University where he received his Masters in Divinity.After Divinity school he spent 13 years doing ministry in the New York area where he has been engaged in youth and young adult ministries. He presents each message with the intention of motivating his listeners to prepare themselves for the soon coming of Christ and to work in His vineyard. In 2002, Full Circle Ministries was developed to

empower youth and young adults to participate in evangelism and wholesome activities reaching both churched and unchurched people. This ministry has reached across the country and abroad with God's leading.

Ordained to the gospel ministry, he has worked as a pastor for five congregations in the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists serving there as youth pastor and as a counselor and chaplain to the schools assigned to the Youth Advisory Committee. He also served on the ministerial board. He has developed a Singles’ ministry called Advent Mingle. A website designed to bring single individuals together for fellowship and ministry. Pastor Paul believes in living a highly devotional life. Every other month, he has developed a morning devotion called “Bible Boot Camp”. An online devotional 500am -5:30am on

Pastor Graham loves teaching the Word of God and helping as many as possible gain a better understanding of the Gospel and stronger walk with the Master. Through much prayer, he and his family were led to The Bowie Project by way of the Holy Spirit and he endeavors to lead as God requires.  He believes he can do all things through Christ.


He is married to Windy Spence-Graham and has two beautiful children, Zenovia and Spencer who take up all of his spare time.