Full Circle Ministries was developed to empower youth and  young adults to reach church and unchurched individuals.

With activities and devotional methods, Pastor Paul Graham seeks to involve as many as possible into an active relationship with Christ. His Marque ministry is Advent Mingle and Bible boot Camp. Incarnational Ministry is about meeting the people where they are, and helping them reach a place in their lives where they can meet Jesus as a personal friend.

Bible BootCamp is an live devotional worship program that Pastor Paul Graham and others participate in at 5:30am for 30 days. This live devotional occurs every other month and allows individuals to call & email their questions live to Pastor Paul Graham. Bible BootCamps' topics range from the mundane walks of life to the insane parts we are to afraid or ashamed to admit we are a part of.


Join the growing list of individuals who are enrolled in this bootcamp and are willing to wake up and stretch their spiritual muscles.

It's hard to be a Christian. But it's even harder to a Christian and Single at the same time. Lust is all around us and has caused so much hardship in our lives. That's where Advent Mingle comes in. Advent Mingle is a dating website that allows like minded Christians find their Pastor of their home, their Help Meet, and a lifelong friend with whom you can share laughs, tea and scriptures with.


Sign up today and find that your match and ministry is just one click away.

Did You Make Your Bed Today is a daily devotional tool that helps individuals start their day off on the good foot. Beginning a day with Christ is just as important as ending it with prayer and relection.